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I was brought up in Glasgow and went to Strathclyde University where I studied engineering and business. I graduated in 1986 with a BSc. BEng. in Manufacturing Sciences and Engineering.

I’ve worked all my life in manufacturing for big and small companies, and I understand the need to re-industrialise Scotland and create high value jobs, both now, and for future generations.

In 2005 I started working for myself setting up my own international manufacturing consultancy business. This was a success and led to me being in a position to invest in, and successfully turn around, a number of manufacturing businesses. 

I have worked all over Scotland and the UK, as well as internationally. I have seen at first-hand how small independent European countries can be very successful when they control their own economies and can focus on building fairer, wealthier and greener societies.

"I am honoured to represent Provan in the Scottish Parliament."

I joined the Labour Party in 1980, leaving in the late 1990s during the Blair years. I wasn’t involved in politics again until the Independence Referendum when I was a Director of Business for Scotland, making the business and economic case for a Yes vote.

Like many others I joined the SNP after the referendum and was delighted to be selected to contest Glasgow Provan for the SNP at the 2016 Scottish Parliament election. I am honoured to have won the seat and to represent Provan in the Scottish Parliament.

I believe that Provan is an area with great potential, and I aim to work hard to help local people, businesses and community groups. This is the case whether I am campaigning for local health services, working with local business to find ways for them to grow and create more jobs, or supporting local community groups through my #EnterprisingProvan initiative.

With my background in business and manufacturing I understand how important it is to create high-value jobs. I want to use my experience to help Provan realise its potential. I am a member of the Board of think-tank Common Weal. I spent two years doing voluntary service in Bangladesh with VSO and am a Trustee of Charity Education International, which supports educational and health projects in rural Bangladesh.

In 1996 I took part in an aid convoy to Bosnia with the charity Edinburgh Direct Aid.



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