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After I was elected as MSP for Glasgow Provan I made a commitment to donate half of my MSP salary to charity. I felt this was the right thing to do as before entering politics I had a successful business career and I wanted to put something back into the communities I represent, which face some of the biggest challenges in the country.

Where possible I am especially focussed on helping charities who are creating enterprise opportunities, so that the money 'kick-starts' something that will continue to generate revenue for the local community in future. This includes investment in young people, supporting their aspirations to succeed.

Here are details of the good causes I’ve donated to since being elected. Some of them are directly focussed on Provan, others are good causes working across Glasgow or Scotland, and others are international. Some are focussed on developing enterprise or aspiration, and other are simply to help those in need.

I hope you agree that all of them are deserving of support.

So far I’ve donated £8000 since being elected, and I plan to donate significantly more than that over the coming months. That’s where I need your help. I need to find local organisations with enterprise ideas that will add value to local communities, or are working to raise the aspirations of young people locally in a concrete way. If you are aware of any groups that fit the bill, please get in touch.

I also made regular donations to several national and international charities including Oxfam, Crisis, Red Cross, British Heart Foundation and Marie Curie totalling more than £1000 for the year.

If you feel you want to donate to any of the charities I’ve been supporting this year then please do so.


St Roch’s Homework Club

St Roch’s football club has been running Maths and Physics homework clubs to give extra support to young learners locally. In addition to help with the ‘hard sums’ they also give young learners an appreciation of the kinds of careers – be it in engineering, accountancy or science - they can aim for if they stick in at their studies.  I donated the £700 the club needed to double the amount of provision they offer and to allow them to work with additional schools in Provan.

St Roch's praised by Carol Vorderman for homework club that's giving kids private tuition. Link >>


St Roch's Homework Club



St Paul's Youth Forum

St Paul’s Youth Forum, based in Provanmill run a wide variety of activities for young people in the area, including BOLT FM Radio. I donated £700 to buy equipment so that some of the young people could start a pizza delivery business, delivering cheap, high quality, pizzas made in the forum’s own pizza oven, by bicycle to local residents. 

Follow its work in setting up its pizza business. Link >>


St Paul's Youth Forum



Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) Campaign


The Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) Campaign provides support for young LGBTI+ people, who are often at most risk of bullying and worse. The campaign works with schools to speak directly to young people and give them the support and confidence they need. I donated £500 to help TIE in their valuable work.



     TIE Campaign



Connect Community Trust

Connect Community Trust, based in Wellhouse in my constituency. Community Trusts are focussed on working in communities providing a range of services. In addition to traditional grant funding they also work to create revenue streams from enterprise activities allowing them to move towards being self-sustaining. I donated £1000 towards Connect’s next project which is the purchase of a woodchipper. This will allow them to make use of wood that would otherwise go to waste and convert it into wood chippings which can then be sold generating income for the community. This is a great example of a project where some investment can generate income the group can spend on community activities for years to come.


Connect Community Trust



The Hampden Snore

The Hampden Snore was an organised sleep-out to raise awareness and funds for homeless charities the Bethany Trust and Street Soccer. My friend and MSP colleague James Dornan took part. I sponsored James for £500 (making him the top fundraiser on the night!). 


Hampden Snore

Match The Fine Palestine


When Celtic were fined for displaying Palestinian flags a fundraiser was started to provide much needed support for Medical Aid for Palestinians the Lajee Centre for refugees in Bethlehem, two very worthwhile charities who are providing lifesaving aid in the midst of a huge humanitarian crisis. I’m not a Celtic fan but was delighted to support this good cause with a £500 donation.       


MAP                                                                               Lajee Centre for Refugees

Teen Face of The Globe Rainbow Child Foundation


Dennistoun teenager Rachel Leigh Loftus recently won the Scotland Heat of Teen Face of the Globe and is competing in the Finals in Paris next year. As part of her efforts to win the title Rachel is raising money for charity the Rainbow Child Foundation. I donated £100 to help Rachel towards her goal.


Rachel Leigh Loftus



Glasgow City Mission


Glasgow City Mission do some fabulous work supporting homeless people in our city. Their drop-in centre provides meals for homeless and vulnerable people and they, along with other charities, run the lodging house mission emergency night shelter to give rough sleepers a bed for the night. I visited both their drop-in centre and their night shelter, to see what they do and to talk to some of the homeless people they support and donated £1000 to support their work this winter.


Glasgow City Mission




Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) provides the only hospice services in Scotland for children and young people with life-shortening conditions, and an at home service called CHAS at Home. I sponsored fellow MSP Miles Briggs for £250 to have his legs waxed to raise money for CHAS. Miles is a Tory, so as well as helping a good cause I got the added bonus of causing him some pain!


    CHAS                                                                        Miles Briggs MSP





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