As well as responding to the immediate needs of my constituents, I want to make a difference to Provan and to Scotland. Where issues arising from casework start to recur and produce a pattern - eg regarding property factoring or the UK Government’s Green Deal – something needs done about the system or process. In addition, there are things I want to promote such as ending rough sleeping and getting reusable nappies more widely used by parents in Scotland. The solutions might not be quick and easy to implement but I am using the tools at my disposal as an MSP to start to raise awareness and address them. I’ll use this section of the website to provide details of my campaigns and updates as appropriate.


Baby Box Campaign

Baby Box Campaign

One of the first Campaigns I got underway when elected was to ensure that the (then) forthcoming Scottish Baby Box contained re-usable nappies, rather than disposables which fill expensive landfill – where they take at least 200 years to degrade whilst producing 630kg of greenhouse gas over the two and a half years a baby uses them.

Reusable nappies come in a wide range of options but are basically thick, padded pants. They have a waterproof cover and are sealed and fastened with Velcro or poppers. They go straight in the washing machine and are dried on a washing line.

And they save young families a lot of money. One child would use a stock of about 20 nappies from birth to potty training at a cost of between £200-£300 in total, compared to around £750 for disposables.

Far from the smelly, cumbersome chore of the past, today's reusable nappy systems are a modern, sustainable option for parents. I'm delighted the pilot Baby Boxes, which have been being trialled in Orkney and Clackmannanshire since 1 January, contain re-usable nappies so new parents can try them out for themselves.

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