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I divide my time between the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood in Edinburgh and my constituency.

The Scottish Parliament sits three days a week so I’m in Edinburgh from Tuesdays to Thursdays when it is in session. On Mondays, Fridays and at weekends, I’m in the constituency holding surgeries, or out and about meeting local groups and organisations. The snapshots below show just some of my activities as your MSP.

Launch of Decent Work report

Launch of Decent Work report

First week back after Summer recess and a busy week in Parliament. The Parliament aims to be open and accessible to people in Scotland and organisations and groups can book the various rooms and spaces we use in the day, for evening events. On 7th September I sponsored my first event – meaning I hosted the launch of a report by Oxfam, the University of the West of Scotland and Warwick University Institute of Employment Studies. This important report Decent Work calls for a job to be done to improve work conditions for Scotland’s low paid workers.

The researchers worked with over 1,500 people in a wide range of low paid work and circumstances and identified 26 aspects of what makes work "decent". Keith Brown the Cabinet Secretary of Economy, Jobs and Fair Work gave a response from the Government and welcomed ideas for what we can do in Scotland with the powers we have to ensure everyone feels they have decent work.

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