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I divide my time between the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood in Edinburgh and my constituency.

The Scottish Parliament sits three days a week so Iā€™m in Edinburgh from Tuesdays to Thursdays when it is in session. On Mondays, Fridays and at weekends, Iā€™m in the constituency holding surgeries, or out and about meeting local groups and organisations. The snapshots below show just some of my activities as your MSP.

Substance Vs. Soundbite

Substance Vs. Soundbite
I know this is a bit of an essay but I think it is important to set out very clearly what is going on with the consultation about Lightburn Hospital.The last Labour-LibDem administration in Holyrood set up a process, in 2010, to manage proposals from Health Boards for changes in services.That is the process that is being followed now. It is designe...
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